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Text to speech technology broadens access, transforming information from sight to sound.

Unleash the Power of Voice with Riddhi Technology.

Discover the limitless possibilities of voice with Riddhi Technology's cutting-edge Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Speech Recognition solutions. Our technology bridges the gap between digital content and expressive, inclusive communication, transforming the way we interact with devices and content across multiple platforms.

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Transformative Text-to-Speech Services.

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Transcription Services:

Revolutionize industry standards with our precise transcription services, effortlessly converting spoken content into accurate written text.

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Video Captioning:

Enhance video content accessibility with our speech-to-text captioning services, making it universally accessible and enriching the viewing experience for diverse audiences.

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Efficient Document Creation:

Streamline content creation through voice, enabling professionals to dictate content, thus improving productivity and facilitating the creative process.

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Voice Notes Conversion:

Transform voice notes into organized text documents, simplifying information retrieval and enhancing content management.

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Accessibility Innovations:

Develop applications that leverage speech-to-text technology, offering solutions that enhance accessibility for individuals with disabilities, fostering an inclusive digital environment.

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Language Learning Applications:

Integrate speech-to-text capabilities into language learning apps, assisting users in practicing pronunciation and providing instant feedback, enhancing the learning journey.

Empowering Communication with Text to speech (TTS)

Our TTS technology is not just an assistive tool; it's a gateway to more dynamic and inclusive communication. By converting digital text into spoken word, TTS opens up a world of possibilities for individuals across the spectrum of reading abilities and preferences. Features like word highlighting as text is read aloud improve word recognition, comprehension, and engagement, making digital content accessible to all.

Many TTS tools highlight words as they are read aloud. This allows kids to see text and hear it at the same time.

Area Of Expertise

Our Team have long Experience in developing Speech Recognition Software in diffrent Seactor
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Legal Services

Automate legal document creation and transcription of proceedings, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

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Health sector

Implement transcription for medical records and voice-activated documentation, improving patient care and compliance.

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Customer Service

Utilize automated call routing and voice biometrics to streamline operations and enhance customer interactions.

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Public Services

Deploy voice-activated services and infrastructure control, making public services more accessible and efficient.

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Innovate with language apps and voice-controlled educational tools, transforming the learning experience.

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Create immersive gaming and virtual reality experiences with voice-controlled interfaces, setting new standards in digital interaction.

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