Promotional SMS for your business

Promotional SMS is used by every business and institutes to send customized marketing and advertising SMSs to their customers. Businesses promote their services while generating customer interest by engaging with the target audience.

Promotional SMS service that makes your marketing more effective. Boost your client’s experience. And Skyrocket your Sales Now, as a fast, user-friendly and cost-effective.

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How Promotional SMS help your business perform better?

smartphone Launch Text Message Promotions

Enhance your business marketing with customized promotional bulk SMS.

smartphone Customized Messages

Customize your promotional messages as per your target customers based on your campaign requirement and industry.

smartphone Cost and Time Efficient

A low cost channel to reach a larger customer base in less amount of time.

Optimize campaigns and audience with Promotional SMS

How Promotional SMS works?

Riddhi Technology have created a small and impressive video specially for you to understand how toll free solutions work. This will help you understand about Toll Free and Toll Free Solution.

Promotional SMS key features

smartphone Compliance
SMSs are auto-scheduled to be sent between 9 am and 9 pm only to the customers.
smartphone Unlimited Texts

Send as many text messages as you want while including your brand name with a unique number to stand out.

smartphone Trackable SMS

Get access to track and monitor total SMSs delivered and received by the customers.

alarm Promotional SMS Gateway

Get access to high priority SMS gateway facilities as a part of the promotional SMS service.

alarm Real-time Delivery Report

Receive instant confirmation report on the messages sent and the status on its delivery in real-time.

alarm API Integration

Integrate it into your software to avail seamless functioning and scheduling auto sending of the messages.